Buy a Sailboat in Delaware


Finding Sailboats for Sale in Delaware – Classified Ads

TIP #1: Looking for a bargain? Of course you’ll check the big city newspapers, but as much as possible try not to skip over the smaller publications. Small newspapers usually have lower advertising rates, which are often very attractive to distressed sellers and in some cases, trustees (ie. estate sales, donated yachts, etc.)

TIP #2: Check well outside of your normal boating area. Oftentimes, a seller will advertise in their hometown but not necessarily where the boat is located. It’s a common mistake, and it’ll often cause a boat listing to go ‘stale’, but can result in some outstanding bargains for the savvy buyer.

TIP #3: Don’t make the same mistakes that so many sailboat buyers make. Most sailors expect to lose a little money with each boat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Pick up the How to Buy a Sailboat guide and save thousands of dollars on a great boat. Clicking on the link will apply a discount off the guide, courtesy of iBuySailboats.


Cape Gazette Lewes, DE
Delaware Wave Bethany Beach, DE
Dover Post Dover, DE
Middletown Transcript Middletown, DE
Newark Post Newark, DE
News Journal, The Wilmington, DE
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times Smyrna, DE


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