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To this day, Nautor’s Swans are considered by some to be the world’s finest production yachts, at least within the luxury high-performance category. Certainly the high degree of design innovation, engineering, and state-of-the-art construction techniques employed by the factory support this assertion.

These vessels have always been expensive, but they maintain especially high resale values. Some Swans, particularly the older models such as the 36, 37, 40, 43, 44, 48, and 65 have actually appreciated over time by a factor of 2:1 or more, although this is not uncommon for certain other boats built in the same era.

Most Swan owners are extremely particular to keep their boats as authentic as possible, and they have their own very specific way of doing things that may be different from the ‘status quo’ of routine yacht maintenance… right down to the brand of varnish used for interior touch-ups.

If you purchase a Swan as an investment boat, it’s a good idea to contact the builder for advice when needed. As an owner, you will receive an invitation to their prestigious annual Swan-Rolex regattas, co-sponsored by the factory.

Not Exactly an Ugly Duckling

During the 1973-1974 Whitbread Round the World Race (now known as the Volvo Ocean Race), the majority of competing boats were highly customized, stripped-out racing machines designed for one thing and one thing only: speed.

Had it not been for the rows of canvas pipe berths and a couple of Formica counter-tops for navigating and cooking, there would have been no interiors at all.

It seemed to come as no threat then, when self-made millionaire / business owner Ramon Carlin entered the race with a 65′ production yacht named Sayula II. With her ketch rig, teak decks, luxurious interior, fully-stocked freezers and private sleeping cabins (not to mention the 8-track hi-fi stereo system!), it should have been no contest. Heavy boats are slow, right?

But Sayula II did win that first Whitbread race, circling the globe in 133 days (corrected time), ahead of sixteen other boats that started, and thirteen others that completed the course.

And although Nautor had been building sailboats since 1966, it was Sayula II that made them famous.

Sayula II was a Swan 65.

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