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Pacific Seacraft was founded in 1976 with the express purpose of building extremely capable offshore cruising sailboats that are designed for ocean crossings and visiting the most remote locations around the world.

Pacific Seacraft has twice been named by Fortune magazine as one of the top 100 best-made products of their type in the world. To be included in this category, the product has to be state-of-the-art and at the height of innovation. It also has to be the most durable of its kind and provide outstanding value for the price. Many of Pacific Seacraft’s dedicated craftsmen have been with the company since its founding and continue to build offshore cruising yachts to cutting edge specifications.

Pacific Seacraft is dedicated to producing durable, easy-to-handle, responsive, and beautiful yachts that fulfill their functional and aesthetic design purposes. The widespread popularity of the line is obvious in that they can be spotted all over the globe, with a concentration on the West Coast of the United States, due primarily to the location of the original manufacturing facility in Fullerton, California. Recently, the company has relocated to the states of Washington and North Carolina.

Pacific Seacraft is viewed by the sailing public as one of the premier builders of bluewater sailing vessels in the world. Considered to be virtually unsinkable due to seaworthy design and meticulous construction, PS yachts have been the choice of serious cruising sailors for over 35 years. Most of the hull designs are the masterful work of world-renowned naval architect W.I.B. (Bill) Crealock.

Vagabonding Under Sail

Less known as a writer than as a sailboat designer, Bill Crealock’s 1978 memoir Vagabonding Under Sail is a thoroughly enjoyable book about his early days sailing all over the world.

Required reading for all cruising sailors!

What follows is a brief summary of the most popular models available on the used boat market today. Though Pacific Seacraft also manufactures the Dana 24, the Flicka 20’ pocket cruiser, and PS/Ericson coastal cruisers, these are not covered here.

Uncompromising construction inspires confidence in the Pacific Seacraft 31. The 31’s hull configuration, rig, and underbody are very similar to her two bigger sisters, the PS/Crealock 34 and 37. This sailboat provides outstanding speed, ease of handling, and a comfortable motion.

The Pacific Seacraft 34 is considered the encore to the PS/Crealock 37. The design became known as the Pacific Seacraft 34 "Voyagemaker" soon after its release in 1984. This marked the beginning of a very long and successful association between Pacific Seacraft and Bill Crealock. The sailing performance of this vessel is sprightly and the accommodation is well laid out for liveaboard.

The Pacific Seacraft 37, also designed by Bill Crealock, was first built in 1978 by Cruising Consultants, Inc. of Newport Beach, California. It was actually marketed as the Crealock 37. In 1980, Pacific Seacraft Corporation acquired the tooling for the boat. Some believe that the Pacific Seacraft/Crealock 37 set the standard for bluewater cruisers of this size. These boats hold their value very well, and finding a used one for sale can be a difficult task in itself!

More recently, the legendary Robert Perry has been involved with the design of the Pacific Seacraft 38. This model is a departure from earlier double-enders that characterized Pacific Seacraft/Crealock sailboats for many years. The PS 38 is a square-transomed cutter, although still very much in the Pacific Seacraft style. A moderate displacement (23,400 pounds), along with a long fin and balanced rudder, make the handling performance exceptional.

The Pacific Seacraft 40 closely resembles its larger and smaller sisters, although Crealock designs incorporate shape modifications and refinements in each model in an effort to improve performance and safety.

"My own belief is that one should not travel only to arrive: the passage itself should be relaxing and fun. I also believe that speed on passage is quite different from speed around buoys, and that a small crew should be able to sail an offshore cruiser to its full potential without exhaustion."

– Bill Crealock

The PS 40’s underbody was formed with Bill Crealock’s purpose in mind.

Designed as the ultimate cruising sailboat, the Pacific Seacraft 44 is equipped, as standard, to accept virtually all cruising accessories available today, such as water makers, generators, and modern navigational equipment. The PS 44 offers all the creature comforts below decks, with lots of teak and designer fabrics. A full J-shaped galley for entertaining, two large staterooms, and a large main salon make this model the flagship of the Pacific Seacraft fleet.

Bill Crealock has recently designed a 60-footer for Pacific Seacraft, but reviews are yet to be published. Experienced bluewater sailors are eager to see this larger displacement boat that came from the "mind of the master"!

Pacific Seacraft sailboats maintain their value very well over time. For example, a brand new, nicely-equipped PS 37 will set you back around $350,000, but a well-maintained 20-year-old PS 37 can still fetch $150,000 or more in the sailboat marketplace.

So, if classic lines and exceptional seaworthiness are what you seek, the Pacific Seacraft line is an excellent choice and a superb investment.

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